Ping a ring from a post

Is it possible to ping a ring from a post?

E.g. I think it would make sense to ping the wallet ring about this EIP: Temporal Replay Protection

But I do not see a way currently to do so - the only way I see is making a post linking to the post above with the category wallet ring. But this does not feel right.

We may be able to do this via “user groups”, I will open it up when I get a chance. It may require someone to look after the group membership in this Discourse setup though.

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Group membership can be set so anyone can join or remove themselves.

The @council-volunteers is an example of a group that people can add / remove to on their own – and I’m actually pinging 22 people by @-mentioning that :slight_smile:

So @ligi just ask for what group you want created and it should solve what you want to do.


I wanted to ping all wallet-developers. So a group for the wallet developers ring would be nice. But perhaps we should make it more general and have groups for all rings.

Yes, see Github issue #14 where I first suggested it :slight_smile: