Pando : Decentralized GitHub



Hi! I create this topic connected to the project called @pando_network witch is currently developing a decentralized GitHub where each repo can be controlled by an AragonDAO.

As the project is open-source I thought it would be nice to create a dedicated topic

A first description of the tool is available here :

This project contains many new features that can’t be found on any other VCS that you may want to discuss. Such as « individuation » / « Lineage » and so on.

You can take a look at those functions here:

The project has also already implemented governance KIT for the collective management of repo such as DictatorKit
(Enforce a maintainer-based governance à-la GitHub )

VotingKit (Enforce a Native Lineage Token-backed democratic governance to sort and valuate requests)

These governance kits for the collective management of repo is a major step forward regarding to GitHub’s workflow and I think that this will eventually lead to discussions or participations.