OG Council: NFT protocols and usecases

Hey everyone, here is a summary of what we did in the workshop at the OG Council. I consider this a part 1 and hope to do a part 2 answering some of these questions or providing more detail on these topics at a future event. Here are the compiled notes on questions, use cases and protocols we discussed. Feel free to add more.


  1. How can we ensure new use cases of NFTs remain truly decentralized
  2. How can we use Defi integration for NFT governence tokens
  3. How can insurance contracts be tradable (similar to oracle based payouts)
  4. Where are my NFTs stored?
  5. Copyrights - What are the laws around music, film, books and storylines?
  6. How can we market and promote NFTs in Web3

Use cases

  1. Composable remixable NFTs
  2. CUPPA.CC decentralized onbourding USAIC POAP chains
  3. TCR
  4. Harberger Tax
  5. Medical Data (MRI, DTI, ASL)
  6. Linlock
  7. Identity and personal information (eg. Medical use)
  8. Real estate
  9. Membership
  10. Certificates and education
  11. Licences
  12. Game items
  13. Certificates of authenticity
  14. Intellectual Properties (IPs)
  15. Ticketing
  16. Art trading
  17. Bills of lauding
  18. Voting
  19. Vouchers (NFT burn mechanic)
  20. Film, book and music rights (nfts)


  1. Near Protocol
  2. NFT X
  3. Climate kitties
  4. POAP
  5. Royalty Register DAO
  6. Lens Protocol
  7. Hedgey
  8. Wolf Game (NFT game)
  9. Crypto Raiders (NFT Game)
  10. Aaveagotchi (NFT game)
  11. Soulbound NFTs (non tradable tokens)

Thank you for posting the summary!