Offline Signing Standards


Following the discussion at Devcon that involved initially me, @ligi, @p0s, @ricburton and @airgap we were looking to create a standard for Offline Signing currently supported by Walleth, Parity Signer, imToken Wallet and AirGap.

In order to achieve this there are 3 interactions that require URI standards for displaying QR Codes that can communicate between the online and offline device:

  1. Expose Accounts
  2. Request Transaction
  3. Broadcast Transaction

Main considerations to have when drafting these 3 new URIs are that they should clearly identity the chains that they are targeting (using chainID), potentially drafting a blockchain agnostic standard and also including message signing support would be beneficial.

Currently there is a Ethereum standard for formatting URIs - EIP 831 - which would be useful for this use-case but it needs to account for other blockchains compatibility to allow Wallets to support non-EVM based blockchains that might have this Offline Signing functionality.


I think that a good first step could be to find a solution to make the standard EIP 831 - URI Format for Ethereum to be blockchain agnostic.

Alternatively we could draft a new standard for URI Format for all Blockchains