Offchain computation standard

Hello Magicians :sparkles:,

This is a pre-PR discussion for the EIP : Offchain computation standard. You can find a first version here : EIPs/ at master · npasquie/EIPs · GitHub

Simple Summary

Standard to request & access offchain computed data while preserving composability


A standard API is proposed to request & access offchain-computed data in smart-contracts in a composable way. It includes a smart-contract on chain and specifications for clients.


Off-chain computation checked on-chain has become a common pattern in Dapps, virtually enabling usage of large data sets or complex computations in smart contracts within their limited resources. This is usually achieved through a script in a front-end app generating the correct parameters required by a contract call for a transaction signature. This pattern is by nature non-composable, any protocol that needs to be integrated by other protocols must resolve to implement those costly operations on chain.
The proposed new standards would greatly broaden the possibilities of smart-contract developers, especially in the interactions accross protocols. L2-scaling alone can’t provide this kind of application-specific optimisations.

Any reflexion/feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: