New to the space! Looking to pick up a small project


My name is Jay Mo and I’m a product designer working for a Bay Area startup. I’ve been interested in the blockchain space for a while, but never had the time to dig deeper. I thought the best and most fun way to do this would be by picking up a small project, creating a lot, and getting feedback through it. :slight_smile:

Do you know anyone who’s looking for design help?

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What kind of skills do you have?

Many discussions on this Forum are low-level, for example: changes to how the virtual machine functions, or how state data is stored. However, some proposals and discussions would have UI / UX implications, and might benefit from design brainstorming and prototyping.

For example, this ERC-3450 proposal by @dstreit; this is cryptography-related, but has UI implications because it helps users secure their funds from key loss. Maybe the proposal could use some UI mockups or a demo.

To get into the weeds: ERC-3450 is a standard way to split a BIP39 mnemonic / word phrase into another set of mnemonics which can then be distributed to other parties for safe-keeping. Later, a predetermined number of them could be brought together to reproduce the original BIP39 mnemonic / word phrase. Check out the JS module implementation: danielstreit/shamir-bip39

Hey Jay -

At SKALE we are looking for a long-term maintainer to help us maintain SKALE website

We can issue a long term token grant :slight_smile:

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