New (cross client) Testnet launching today


Today will be the launch of the görli testnet at GörliCon (with chainID and networkID 5) - prepare your wallets! This testnet is exciting as it brings geth and parity closer together. Before geth and parity had separate PoA testnets (geth:rinkeby | parity:kovan) - now there will be a PoA tetnet where both clients (and more clients) can work together in harmony.


Here is @5chdn’s original post about Goerli: TIL that it actually has support for five clients! In addition to geth and parity there’s pantheon, nethermind, and ethereumjs. Very cool.


Is there a public rpcUrl available for Goerli right now?


Yes multiple - find them here:

we should really add them to


Thanks! Yeah, I agree. I’m going to do that