My computer has died

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My computer (unexpectedly) broke on the 26th or 27th (I forget), without any other suitable device, and with my passwords/2fa codes not backed up. This (Ethereum Magicians) is the only means I have to contact you right now, since on this computer, GitHub and Discord are blocked. I’m just letting you know that I am not, in fact, dead.


That’s too bad. Definitely backup your 2FA rescue codes next time. Hope you recover to normal digital life soon


I’ve got the backup codes still (of those, I always keep a physical copy). I just happened to be on vacation and it would have been a 9hr+ car ride to get home and another 9hr+ car ride to get back, through the polar vortex.


Glad you’re okay! Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully your holidays aren’t entirely ruined.


Update - I now have access to my GitHub account on one of my older desktops.

Another update: just got into my Discord. Man, that’s a lot of “happy new year” pings!

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Great to hear. Thank goodness. It seems the only place you didn’t turn on 2FA is ethereum-magician, @Pandapip1 ?

That is correct, but I actually use GitHub sign-in (and I do use 2fa for GitHub)! Thankfully, I happened to already be signed in to my Gmail on one of my old computers, where I was able to set a password for Ethereum Magicians. I was also, from my google account, able to access the backups of my 2fa application secrets, although it took some wrangling.