[Meta] UX research and user studies results

We share our code on Github, our thoughts and passion during gatherings… now let’s share user studies and UX research results here!

In my opinion, crypto-products should not embed any tracking tool whatsoever. A good way to (try to) understand our users without compromising their privacy is to perform user studies and UX researches.

This post is meant to be a place where we share the results and findings from UX and user studies conducted on wallet products. It can obviously be your own product or simply articles you found on the web.


I’ll kick off with a great article from @ale: https://medium.com/design-for-crypto/ðapp-user-experience-audit-afc11e4384c3

@deltajuliet has posted the results of a survey made on this forum, get it here.

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hey @Tbaut I think that you will have a lot materials to dig into, also with practical actionable insights on

which is a exclusively Design oriented EM forum :slight_smile:

People have shared a lot of insights also on the process as did @hester @patbowen from Status

on our side, for the Web3 Design System projects, (guidelines + library of Web3 components)
we are interviewing developers, designers, product people, anyone who has talked to users, and possibly users themselves.
We will have insights to share in January
but we showed something at Devcon, and when the recording for the Web3 design system panel comes out I’ll share it here as well

Let us know what you find :slight_smile:

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