Meta-tx Community Call/Meeting 0

Since the creation of ERC-1077/1078, we figured out that we can do somepretty cool things with delegated execution of meta-txs. Many projects have sprung up surrounding this. So far we have had little communication between projects. There is a lot to be gained in doing so as we seem to all face similar challenges and issues.

We will be having a meeting with the following agenda: MetaTx Crew Agenda - Meeting 0 - HackMD

All details will be kept and updated there. Cheers! Talk soon :slight_smile:


27th 5PM CEST

The meeting will take place through a video call link that can be found at the bottom of the agenda. If you are joining, please read the agenda!

What to do to prepare
Read the agenda!

What else should I know about the meeting?
Read the agenda!

Is there some sort of chat we can join for a greater discussion?
Read the agenda!

I would like to discuss a topic, where can Iā€¦
Read the agenda!

Thanks to everyone who has read the agenda, I wish you happiness and joy in your life.

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