Meeting at EthCC?

Who is going to be in Paris?

It would be good for the Magicians to meet in person, and talk about where we are going, where the Magicians fit into the space and how to be useful and productive.

I hesitate to say “governance” because that sounds like it could get us into discussions that try to be more formal than is warranted, but I do think it’s valuable to have a community that talks to each other, and to the other parts of the space that are relevant to what the Magicians try to do.

We have a potential venue in Paris La Defense (basically at the RER train station, so not that hard to get there). The question is whether there is a day that is good enough for a critical mass of people to actually turn up - suggestions/requests welcome.

Note that I’m brand new to trying to organise Magicians things, although I’ve spent a long time running Working Groups for e.g. W3C and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as well as more informal groupings. So I am afraid that with such short notice this is going to be a little scrappy, but I believe we can pull something reasonable together.


Hey Chaals! Will totally attend if it’s within my schedule to do so. Before the 21st seems pretty viable to me as the Hackathon won’t be in full swing yet.

This much response seems to justify nothing more than a possible informal get-together at some point, so I will aim to plan something of that nature.

I’ll be there, mainly sightseeing initially as I was too late to know I was available to go to Paris
so missed out on tickets for EthCC :frowning: :sob:

Keep me in the loop if there is a get-together. Thanks.

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