Magicians in Berlin 2019, Rings organizing around Aug 19-25?

I’d like to start helping organize ways for Rings to gather during this week of many events in Berlin. Perhaps we could create a general program and take advantage of any time and space available throughout the week.

I believe that MetaCartel Demo Day in particular would like to have some UX-related sessions.

Aug 19
MetaCartel Demo Day

Aug 19-21
Web3 Summit

Note: the Web3 Summit is 40 min away from the Demo Day venue by shuttle, which means that on Aug 19 Magicians should take care to plan sessions accordingly.

Aug 21-23

Aug 23-25

If you know the situation on the ground at any of these events, and if it will conducive to having some space for work sessions, please list them below!

I’ll be there for the week, not sure about timing for the council or any rings to organise during the listed events. It will be pretty busy overall but if we can lock some time and space and commit to it that might work.
I know that dgov is running a node on Web3Summit (that’s where I’ll be mostly), maybe another node for magicians?
Dappcon might be more appropriate for the gathering IMO and @mariapaulafn might have more info regarding the space.

Looking at the dates we won’t have a free day in the week so the rings will need to fit somewhere “in between”.

If I can help anyway with organisation please let me know.