Magicians at 35c3


will other magicians attending 35c3? Perhaps we can have some spontaneous sessions there. We might perhaps be able to do this in theCritical Decentralisation Cluster or allocate some workshop room for some sessions. I will also bring some magician stickers to 35c3 - I can also bring some more so they can be relayed to local groups.


I’m down, Ligi :wink:



Should nothing go horribly wrong, I’ll be at the congress.


Great idea! We can either submit that as part of the CDC program or we can do it ad hoc in the chill-out setup.


I think we should do one session as part of the CDC program - ad-hoc sessions will happen anyway :wink:
Really want to make some people at #35c3 aware that they are Magicians as I think people from there could contribute and fit nicely in our ecosystem. Will also put a lot of these stickers on the sticker-tables - in the hope people check out what the Magicians are.


I’ll be there too and could help spread the stickers.