Looking to Hire someone to help me write a technical document

This is not really an Ethereum issue, but I’m looking for someone with experience in writing technical documents to help me finalize a paper. This is an opportunity for someone who is used to writing papers to earn some money on the side. I ask here because I am a big Ethereum fan, and I can’t really stand being around people who aren’t, so I want to check here before going to some agency.

The job would include a number of voice sessions taking place over a month or so, and some work in a github repo helping me to structure some text. The money will probably amount to a few thousand Euros or so. The exact details would be discussed, but it will be some kind of contractor solution with invoices and proper paperwork etc. (no payment in crypto currencies).

The paper is on mathematics, specifically on a fractal curve that is very similar to Minkowski’s ? (question mark function) and the likes. Generally it includes subjects like continuous fractions, farey sequences, stern-brocot numbers, modular groups, etc. There is no need to be an expert on any of those things though as I am mainly looking for someone to help with the writing and structuring of the document, but You should at least have taken basic college/university algebra and number theory otherwise it’s just plain weird. You also need to be able to write good english.

The scope is not entirely clear because I have been working with this on-and-off for over a year, and I have tons and tons of stuff, but since I do it mostly for fun and haven’t really had any plans on publishing it I just keep adding and removing stuff. Right now I’m reducing it significantly, and I think it would probably be best as a 20-30 page article-style doc, but this would have to be discussed as well.

If You are interested, please answer here in this thread or by sending me a message.

Thanks // Andreas

Forgot to mention: This request will be up for a couple of weeks and is active until I put a note here saying that someone has been hired. The work itself will take place during april-may, and it can be spaced out so that it doesn’t interfere too much with other commitments.

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