Long stagnant EIP

Hey everyone

Has there been a discussion on what to do with EIPs that are stagnant for a long period?

What if after a given time an EIP migrates from ‘stagnant’ to 'withdrawn’or even a new state?

What are you opinions on this?

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I see withdrawn as the authors have explicitly decided to withdraw the EIP/ERC, so wouldn’t want to see it reused for abandoned EIP/ERCs.

abandoned could be an automated state after say 6 months of being stagnant but I am not sure if there is a need.


I was reading some of the stagnant EIPs and some of them don’t even make sense anymore by either being surpassed by another EIP or porposing something no longer relevant.

So I wondered what of those EIPs could still be revived and if there was a better way of classifying them.

About the abandoned state, maybe we can change EIP-1 flux so a stagnant EIP that was in review state can return to review state but an abandoned one has to return to draft

Do you think those changes are relevant? The last thing I wanna do is increase the amount of work to the editors

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stagnant is a catch all, I am not sure there is a need for additional states. See if any EIP editors chime in.

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Makes sense, it doesn’t need to classify what stagnant EIPs are more likely to return because the stagnant itself does that.

Adding another state would not add anything to the process

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An EIP can be resurrected from Stagnant. It can go back to the last status it was in. If the proposal does not make sense after coming back to active status, it can’t be promoted anymore. The author may move it to Withdrawn or let the proposal live in Stagnant status forever.

Just a note Abandoned isn’t a valid status anymore as per EIP-1.