Listing great initiatives and projects initiated by Ethereum Magicians

Discussions happening in the forum and at gatherings have produced many great ideas and proposals since the start of Ethereum Magicians.
It would be great if we could have one list of all the projects and initiatives which had their beginning within Ethereum Magicians.
The most interesting would be active projects and initiatives, whereas activity means one or more people working on it regularly and/or substantial budget dedicated to it.

Let’s create this list for our inspiration ahead of Council of Paris.
Please, mention the project name, people running it and where/when it started with relevant links/info.


TennaGraph is the first one:

Team: @GriffGreen and @MaxSemenchuk
Funded by Aragon Nest
Presentation from AraCon 2019:


The Ethereum Cat Herders were born out of FEM: I made an announcement onstage at the Council of Prague for help with PM work and it grew organically from there.