Lightning Talks: solEVM for Off-Chain Computation Proofs by Johann Barbie


An initiative by Decentraland, Matic Network, and Parsec Labs to extend Andreas Olofsson’s solEVM to run crypto-economic computation verifications games.

Discussions: discord channel.
Regular calls: every Monday at 13:00 UTC in hangouts.
Bounties: on gitcoin: 1, 2, 3(tbd), 4(tbd), architecture doc.


What are the similarities and differences with Truebit?


Truebit uses Wasm to run code. That is perfect and very efficient for most off-chain computation.
Our choice to run EVM code is aimed at use-cases that specifically need to proof off-chain EVM computation, like smart contracts on Plasma chains.


:telephone_receiver: fyi, updates in the latest solEVM developer call: :telephone_receiver:


we have set up a regular call and are making good progress here:

:telephone: solEVM Implementers call :telephone:
when: Wednesday 5. Dec 12pm UTC