Lightning Taks: DAPP: UX & Adoption


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Thanks for the talk - UX is so important!

Short follow-up regarding slide-4 “Secure signing - QR codes to the rescue”:

We really need these standardized - not as de-facto standards, but ideally as EIPs. Please open and star issues for this so people know I am not the olny one that want’s it :wink: - e.g. Use ERC-681 · Issue #103 · paritytech/parity-signer · GitHub

Another thing where I would love perhaps even still a discussion at the event:

By compromising on decentralisation and/or security you can often unfortunately improve UX. IMHO we need to improve UX - but we should be careful where we compromise on our core values and properties. Where do we draw the line? How do we deal with projects that lurk in users with improved UX but bad and dangerous compromises in the core properties?

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