L2 Future Session 3 : “users” - Expanding on what is needed to make L2s usable

As part of our “Ethereum L2 Future” virtual conference series, Magicians Ops is organizing a session today Friday 27th Nov. 4pm CET to introduce the community to the L2 roadmap proposal and start mapping out stakeholder needs and concerns.

:point_right: Session 3 agenda and related links

Session 1: Starting with L2s on 13th November 4pm CET - Notes
Session 2: dApp development on L2 on 20th Novemberr 4pm CET - Notes
Session 3: Ethereum L2 users on 27th Novemberr 4pm CET - Notes

Starting with L2s - YouTube
dApp Development on L2 - YouTube
Ethereum L2 users - YouTube

Announcement - Medium article

Please join us and share this event with folks who are interested in this topic.

If you can’t make it – or even if you can – please help out by replying here w/ resources, ideas, needs you can think of relating to dapp developer experience, user experience, tooling, etc. as they relate to L2s, rollups, ZK rollups.

Some starting points:

Feel free to add comments / links / ideas regarding L2s and usability.

We are looking forward to see you joining the sessions :weight_lifting_man:

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