Join the 3rd AllERCDevs 2023-06-13 Tuesday UTC2300

If you care about #SmartContracts #Interoperability, #OpenStandards please join us in the 3rd session of #AllERCDevs where #ERC Authors, #dApps builders join to show and learn from each other, solicit and give technical feedback, and promote adoption.

The time of event will be

2023-06-13 UTC 2300-2359 Tuesday, which translates to

  • 19:00-19:59 on 2023-06-13 Tuesday in US Eastern Time.
  • 07:00-07:59 on 2023-06-14 Wednesday in Singapore.
  • 16:00-16:59 on 2023-06-13 Tuesday in US Pacific Time.

Or find in your timezone: Event Time Announcer - 3rd AllERCDevs

The event will be hosted on Zoom, a link will be posted on “all-erc-devs” channel on this Discord Server

Agenda will be updated and please feel free to comment to signup your agenda items.


Main Session (1h)

  1. [ ] (15-20min) Featured Talk:
  1. (10min) Demo Show & Tell (5-10min per slot)
  • 5min Karma by maheshmurthy@
  1. (30min) ERC Peer Review Requests (5-10min per slot)
  1. Ad-hoc signup during event

Social Chat for ERCers

What do you find interesting last week? It doesn’t have to be related to ERC.

Meeting Link

Zoom Meeting Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 886 9452 9887
Passcode: 338406



Full Transcription

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This is going to happen in about one hour. See you soon

any notes available? (Or recordings, but they are not as useful :frowning: )

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Yeah, the notes are in Airgram | AI Assistant for Zoom, GMeet and MS Teams Meetings

Recording: All ERC Dev Meeting 3 - YouTube

and we shared on the github issue too.

In general, this is the canonical place to find information about AllERCDevs