Is there a Mastodon server for Eth?

With the latest Elon Musk stuff, should the Eth community run a mastodon server?

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Not that I know of. Happy to see something being setup is probably the closest thing.


I’d love this and would happily help set it up.

Yup, is the place to be. Here are some accounts to get you started. I’ll put people’s affiliations from memory, apologies if I get some of them wrong:

phil ( - - MEV research, runs the server
lefterisjp ( - - Rotki and stewardship of lots of projects
nick.eth ( - - ENS
Vitalik Buterin ( - - had some role in ethereum early on, I forget the details
barnabé ( - - EF researcher
fradamt ( - - EF researcher
Neiman ( - - Esteroids

Phil’s doing a great job running the server so I’d suggest reaching out to him if you want to help, but more options also wouldn’t do any harm.