Introductory EthMagicians Event

In Sydney we are having a blockchain hackathon fairly soon ~ in three weeks and would love to potentially introduce an Magicians Satellite…

As I began to actually think about it: it made no sense since most of my city actually has never heard of the Ethereum Magicians or even participate within the core Ethereum community - most are tech enthusiasts who have attended weekly meetups, workshops and crypto-hackathons that occur two to three times a year. There also aren’t too many individuals who actually work full time in crypto, unlike cities like Berlin or Toronto.

Going back to the main purpose of Magician Gatherings: Events where the Ethereum community can self-organize to maximize technical opportunities, share ideas and work together effectively, online and in person, across national, organizational and other boundaries.

It doesn’t look like that you can hold a typical Magicians gathering with too much meaningful conversation when not too many people are the same page. But I don’t think Sydney is the only city like this…

What are some any other events (doesn’t need to be an magicians event) that could be held that could generate thoughtful conversation around themes and issues - despite being an event geared for introductory ethereum community members?

I guess, my purpose here is to inspire greater awareness and involvement from my local community to participate in the greater open source ethereum ecosystem.

Would love any thoughts~ cheers

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I think starting small and connecting it to a shoulder event is great.

Can you explain what Magicians are? Can you review the EIPs process (jpitts How To EIP presentation is here)? Can you explain that anyone can get involved, help out, ask for feedback, and teach collaboration?

Is it a recruitment drive? Are you trying to onboard new Magicians? Are you shilling our principles and processes?

I think the goal is introduce the local ecosystem to the online governance of Ethereum and in doing so shilling the principals and processes of the magicians. I might just re-present Jamie’s slides of the EIP process that you linked there.