Introduce eth_getBlockReceiptsByHash and eth_getBlockReceiptsByNumber JSON RPC methods


I’m looking for some feedback regarding my first EIP draft before I submit it. This EIP proposes to introduce a new JSON RPC methods called eth_getBlockReceiptsByHash and eth_getBlockReceiptsByNumber which return all the receipts from a particular block



This feels like something @tjayrush would have thoughts on.

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Already talking to Jakub in the GitHub repo. There’s a related issue against Parity that accomplishes a similar (if not identical) task, here: They’re questioning whether that should be an EIP as well.

I looked over Jakub’s EIP and it seems reasonable, but I think I prefer the solution suggested in the linked issue as it’s more compact, just as flexible, delivers the same data (unless I’m misunderstanding something), and doesn’t introduce another end point to the RPC.

Pull Request: