Innovative Ethereum-based Ecosystem: Sharing Vision with Technologist

Hello everyone. I am excited to share my vision of a future ecosystem with the Ethereum community, a vision I dream to realize. Currently, I lack the technical expertise to develop such a system, but I am hopeful for the advancements in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Here is an outline of the ecosystem I envision:

Phase One: Facial Recognition Wallet

  • We propose the development of a device-dependent facial recognition wallet based on Ethereum.
  • Users will register their facial recognition data using their device’s camera, enabling access to the wallet.
  • The facial recognition data will be stored only in the device’s local storage, with unique UUIDs generated for wallet access.
  • Users can link multiple UUIDs (with a set limit) to the same wallet, allowing easy wallet creation or access with a single click on any camera-equipped smartphone or computer.

Phase Two: Spell-based Programming Execution Platform

  • Users log in using the facial recognition wallet and execute programming tasks using voice phrases (spells), linked to NFTs and smart contracts. Each spell usage incurs a fee, charged via smart contracts, and the possibility of buying and selling spells using NFT functionalities.
  • The system uses stETH, with a portion of the collected fees redistributed to all users possessing a UUID.
  • Users can edit spells like video editing, cutting and joining execution segments at specified times to create new spells. This allows for efficient operation of drones or machinery in response to environmental changes using a single spell. This platform will have features similar to Docker and Opensea, necessitating Linux-based spell creation.

Example: Create a new spell by connecting a block of “2023/360/86340 to 2023/360/86346” with other specified time blocks.

Phase Three: Wand-type Devices and Decentralized Server System

  • Aim to develop wand-type devices equipped with the facial recognition wallet and spell system, and a swarm of drones produced by nano-sized 3D printers.
  • The drone swarm will feature energy storage devices, renewable energy, nuclear fusion power generation, and solar sail functionalities, aiming to establish a decentralized server system.
  • These drones will be designed to contribute to space debris processing and solving Earth’s garbage issues.

While my technical ability is limited, sharing this vision is a step towards realizing this ecosystem. I believe that what defines us is not the talents we are born with but the choices we make. If we share a common purpose and open our hearts, differences in habits and language are no barrier. I warmly welcome your cooperation.

I loved the concept, unfortunely most of the guys from this site doesn’t give enough attention to this kind of improvements as they are trying to put emojis on SBTs and other secondary things. I would love to discuss about a similar idea that i’m already building and maybe we can make a minimal viable product (mvp) on this. just share your email with me and let’s have a chat