Inflation, stakers profits, the real reasons behind EIP-1559

EIP-1559 sole purpose is to make stakers more money, while creating a fake deflationary system (burning fees) to cover the stakers inflation of ETH (~8%).

The only reason they are so against the miners is because miners are taking the profit away from stakers, stakers don’t want to wait for ETH2, they want more profits now.

I also feel its very hypocritical to talk about miners and inflation, while they have no concern whatsoever by giving stakers 8%, this will severely inflate the system, burning fees is just a gimmick to cover the fact of this inflation.

EIP-1559 is solely designed for stakers and their profits, nothing more, nothing less.

Looks like big money has officially taken over Ethereum, every future push will be to strictly benefit stakers and their returns.


If 10% of ETH is staked at a return of 8%, inflation experienced by ETH is on the order of 0.8%.

I couldn’t agree more. Many holder state miners profits should not increase with the price but at the same time just enjoyed a 5x on their holding. The hypocrisy makes me sick. I actual read someone arguing miners could just switch and mine btc.
Vatalick tweeted the acd are not manipulating the price but refused to respond to the fact only 77% of eth that would have been issued according to the yellow paper timetable has.