In one swoop the ETH2.0 devs destroyed staking

Someone had the bright idea to take a constant earnings banking APR like system that paid people in model based rates that could be easily calculated out X number of years and decided we would rather have a lottery system (Altair). I and many others will now be leaving 2.0 once it is available. We did not come here to play the lottery and gamble earnings. We do not play the poor mans game of the lottery or casinos. Do not feed us the song and dance about how in the long run it will even out.

With this many validators it could take 1000s of years before bad luck equals out. Understand that we provide a service and are paid for it. While nothing was ever guranteed, changing the payment curve while we are trapped and unable to leave is unethical. We are done, the mass exodus will begin as soon as we can leave!

Next time better understand your clients and how they got where they are. Definately not playing the lottery!

I don’t know what I find more interesting, your concisely written and rather scathing commentary - or the lack of response.

This is the place to find solidarity; yet here is open, unaddressed discontent.

I come here to represent a working class minority which often do not speak for themselves. The magicians here depend on us, yet ignore our formal public pleas.

If you leave you wont just be hurting the richest magicians here, you will be putting a lot of working class out on their ass - globally. The creators of the scheme have long cashed out.

I agree that something can and should be done right now, as you observed. We (the working class) have nothing to lose and the magicians wont see us (working class) gain anything. The way the network operates now, most workers can’t even get paid.

We would rather serve those who have our best interests in mind (potentially the interests you serve) and right now, we control the network. Not the magicians, or the validators. We are making this massive pump possible. We are moving the shitcoins and dogetokens back and forth all day, everyday. We are the ones allowing people to call smart contracts to run up unethically high leverage amounts - and we dont question it.

We operate the network with the highest security, not the validators. We each individually own our own tools, they are not property of the magicians here. We dont plan on getting rid of our tools as the magicians seem to hope will happen, we will secure a stronger network the moment we can and not feel anything about abandoning Ethereum to the doges, as it were. You can lose it all in an instant. Something for them to consider as they move forward.

The Magicians provide forums for discussion, consensus building, and review of all things Ethereum. As Magicians we do not control the decisions of the Core Developers. Technical discussion is welcome here, including with the core devs. Direct engagement with their decisions is best done elsewhere.

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