Impressions of the first Fellowship meeting

It was a wonderful discussion! We will meet again in Berlin in July. I am too tired to summarize right now, but Lane took a great photo of the proceedings:

Lane R. posted a summary of the gathering here:

This is the beginning of the official record of the “Paris 2018” gathering:

Bob S. has posted some great photos on his blog:

Does anyone have photos of Friday 3/10’s impromptu gathering on the steps?

Hi friends! @jpitts, photos of the impromptu gathering on the steps yesterday at EthCC are here: I was only tangentially part of this conversation. If anyone was there the whole time, I’d love to hear more about what was discussed, whether there were any conclusions, etc.

Please feel free to post comments, make corrections, and add your name as an attendee to the meeting notes here:

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A meeting was held yesterday according to the AllCoreDevs meeting today. I was not aware of this meeting beforehand and I don’t see the minutes.

Clearly I am not subscribed properly to this channel for updates. Please let me know how I can be more in the know here?

Hi @fulldecent! There was an All Core Devs call yesterday–these are (normally) scheduled every two weeks. The timing and agenda for the next call are published to and announced in Per the next call will be on Friday 04/06/18 at 14:00 UTC.

It’s not clear to me whether you’re referring to an All Core Devs Call or to a Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians meeting (they are distinct). There has only been one Fellowship meeting so far, in Paris on March 9 (notes linked above). AFAIK the official channel for Fellowship announcements is this forum-- @jpitts/@gregc/@gcolvin correct me if I’m wrong!


In the AllCoreDevs meeting I thought they were referring to a EM meeting “last week”.

This is what I am asking about. But if the only EM meeting was at EthCC then I was wrong.

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In the All Core Devs call @lrettig was referring to the “Paris Council” that was held at EthCC. So far, the workshop at EthCC was the only council, although there were other, smaller and informal gatherings “on the steps” and elsewhere.

@lrettig is organizing a governance workshop at so keep an eye on that one!

Also, the decision (and FEM’s first decision) from the Paris Council is to have our next Council in July, in Berlin.

It seems like I am not important enough yet that I get notified before events happen!

I am happy to speak about ERC-721 (I’m the lead author) there and standards processes if I am invited. And I don’t disappoint when on stage!

OK, I reached out to EDCON. They are a Chinese company, I speak Mandarin, maybe that will help.

Do you have more details on the Berlin event?

No details on Berlin yet.

I’m glad you’re aiming to attend EDCON @fulldecent. ERC-721 is a very good candidate for an ongoing working group, or perhaps part of a more general working group that can gather when there are Councils.

We all can learn from how ERC-721 progressed from the original proposal and discussion to what is now defined in EIPs/ at master · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub.

Speaking about that experience to the group would be very helpful, although I would bet that the EDCON workshop will look more like a circle than a stage :slight_smile: