I'm not getting Discourse emails

I am not receiving email notifications of discussions here. My settings show this is enabled.

Any one else having the same problem?

I’m currently in “mailing list mode” for this site and am receiving what I believe to be all of the emails (I get many per day).


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@fulldecent I can see in the Admin interface that your emails are going out w/o bouncing. Let me know in a DM if this is not the case.

I received “Just testing this out… - Jamie”. But did not get anything containing “I can see in the Admin interface that your emails are going out w/o bouncing. Let me know in a DM if this is not the case.”

Thanks, this is helpful! Later on today I’ll open up the email service and see what is going on.

FYI, this still does not work for me.

I only visit EM when I randomly think to come here. I don’t get any notifications.

Bump. FYI this is still not delivering email notifications to me. Sorry to the people when I reply months after your post.

I don’t have this problem, and receive emails for topics I expect.

So, this is likely a delivery issue with your email service. @jpittsis the person who can troubleshoot.

I have tried several email addresses and all failed to receive any emails from this forum. Both emails were on domain phor.net, which is run by Endurance hosting and forwards to my Gmail. In 20 years, every email I have tried through this approach worked, this forum is the first time I could not get emails.

Then I tried G Suite email address and it worked.

Can you please tell me which mail service you are using (Mailgun, Mandrill, etc.)? I want to investigate more because I also run a Discourse server.

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Tagging @jpitts as server admin.

Weird case, I should be able to get to this tomorrow or Thursday…

@fulldecent and @boris, FYI I am emailing @fulldecent directly to debug the issue as this involves a potentially private email address.

Did this ever get resolved? I’m trying to setup a discourse server and also having similar email symptoms, thought maybe I could steal whatever solution you all came up with.

It works for most people, something with William’s email address seems to be the issue.

I’m not getting any emails either. Mailing list mode stopped working on 21 Feb and I’m not even receiving password reset emails now (I’m in a lot of trouble when this browser session gets logged out…). I’m using a corporate email on Google Apps.