IDEA : a new standard for 360° NFTs - equirectangular format

The main idea is to create a standard which enables the use of 360° images / 360° photos :

  • to be rendered across marketplace platforms in a panorama viewer / 360 photo viewer format
  • to be used interoperable as a volumetric portal sphere in virtual reality games
  • to be uploaded and tokenized as such interoperable / compatible 360NFT

2 main problems :

  • a huge amount of platforms ( for NFT creation / collection ) are not ready to display a photosphere.

  • many 3D / VR spaces do have the ability to show volumetric 360° spheres but there is no agreed standard to recognize whether a .jpg NFT contains the “equirectangular” metadata or not.

An experimental solution for now was the agreement between KnownOrigin, Somnium Space VR and Natural Warp where a JSON freetext ( simple to add / simple to read ) was added to recognize the format.

The result of this collab is that since March 2021 artists can upload 360° artworks ( 2:1 ratio .jpgs with the equirectangular metadata / exif tags ) on the Knownorigin platform and that collectors with such NFT in their wallets can use it in Somnium Space directly as a 3D asset.

Here you can see the result of this collaboration :

The WEB VR venue showcasing these 360NFTs : Somnium Space WEB
The 360NFT collection at KnownOrigin : Natural Warp | KnownOrigin

Since this is an advice seeking thread and this is basically where we’re at - any help of EIP wizards would be greatly appreciated :pray:


So it looks like the ball finally started rolling.
Apparently Superrare and Transientlabs managed to launch an artist with 360 photography.

but the JSON isn’t in sync with the #360NFTs created on KnownOrigin so they are interoperable with SomniumSpace VR.

Hence the obvious need for an EIP standard on 360 NFT creation so they can be fully utilized in VR spaces.

You might be interested in taking a look into ERC-5773. It’s an extension to 721 which adds the capability to NFTs of having multiple assets. So you can have a simple image representing the sphere for marketplaces, and add other assets with the actual sphere (or anything else). Depending on where it’s being showed it can load different assets.

It also gives you forward compatibility since you can later add new assets to the same NFTs, say with a newer version or to make it compatible with another software or metaverse.

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