How do users decide to trust dApps?

Hi Ethereum Magicians,

I am a researcher at NYU and TUM Munich and I am studying how users decide to trust dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of my research is to provide the community with a better understanding of trust in the field of blockchain that should ultimately lead to better dApps and more adoption.

To collect the data for my research, I am conducting a survey and I would very much appreciate it if you would fill out my survey.

The cool thing about the survey is that it is a dApp itself. This means that a smart contract is managing the survey and conducting an automated lottery at the end. The lottery raffles of 5x50€ in MATIC. The only thing you need to participate in is a MetaMask account.

Link to the survey dApp: SurveyApp

If you want to check out the source code of the smart contract, you can find it here: Contract Address 0x6da6ee8d5d56b578994c4ce111d0ff73746dfbe0 | PolygonScan

I am looking forward to your opinion! Please also feel free to ask me questions about the survey tool, we have created the tool especially for this survey to make questionnaire research a bit more exciting again :slight_smile:

Hi everyone again,

I would really appreciate your help. This only takes about 10 min and would help me out a lot. Also I would love to give back the knowledge acquired through my survey to the community so that we can keep improving the user experience of dApps :slight_smile:

@DanielObermeier Hey Daniel, I have finished the questions. One comment I have is investors, community, partnership or appearances in general matter more than technical reasons being asked in the questionair IMHO.

Hi maxareo,

thank you so much for participating in the survey. Thank you also for your comment. This is exactly the type of feedback we were hoping for. This helps a lot to demystify some conventional wisdom and bring smart contracts closer to the mainstream.

Should you also have some more feedback on our tool, please let us know. We are currently thinking about making it accessible for everyone to offer surveys in that way.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who already participated. This really helps me a lot! It’s really cool to see that Ethereum Magicians is such a helpful community.

Looking forward to more participation as well. Every single participation brings us further :slight_smile:

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I like idea of doing a survey on a blockchain. The tool worked great for me. Is it opened sourced BTW?