How can I find talents in the crypto world

Hi guys I’m new here, I in this space for almost four years now. I still love it and passionate about it.

QUESTION: Any recommendation on where to find talent to build projects?

Developers and Defi masters. I know top talents cost money. We want to create something and need help.

Any ideas where to start???

Thank you all in advance


Hey Davve686,

been in the space for two years now. full stack developer, working with React, Nextjs, Solidity, Ethers, Metamask, Hardhat, Firebase…I’m still freshly new, but would like to work on projects for free, email me we should work on a project together.


Hello Davy. i recently just quit ethereum, and i got a huge experience in the past 4 years with overall blockchain… pretty sure that i can be useful for your project, check my Linkedin: Don Martinez .eth - StartCap Technologies Inc. | LinkedIn