Help with old smart contracts when we are moving towards eth 2.0?

Hello my fellow magicans! So let’s start with some background information about me,I got intrested in blockchain around 2012-13 but back then bitcoin was still a little bit wishy washy, but then came Ethereum. So I really got into eth and loved all the talk about DAO’s, Dapps and all the functionallity the ethereum could bring to the blockchain techonolgy. So I started Investing in eth and other projects like many DAO’s, the original for example, databrokerDAO, DGD DAO, and also stuff like ENS, Blockchain diploma, BUSD, CRO, Cryptopunks, Cryptokitties, EOS and many more, I helped crowfund these projects back in the days, also wrote some papers for bitshares around 2016 and much more.

But I have this problem that these contracts after my reasearch are outdated and need upgrading ethier trough proxys or the the other ways you can interact with old contracts. But the thing is that im no smart contract dev. So I basicllly asking my former community for some help and guidance on where to turn or what to do with these old contracts? Can anyone help me or point me in a direction where I can get help with these? I will of course pay a certain % for the one or ones who can help me.

It’s been a long journey and I have basiclly just hold these contracts and never interacted with them, just let them run on the blockchain.

So not it’s 8 years later and things need to be upgraded, I’ve watched Vitaliks pod with Lex fridman many times about eth 2.0 and loved it. But im also a bit concerned about my old contracts. Where can i turn for help or can someone here help me? I would really appricate it.

Best regards Philip Jonsén from Sweden.

Can someone answer me please? This is basically the last way I will turn to get help, I’ve tried with everything. Contacting wallets, different projects even and many more places but now one seems to be able to help? Where should i turn if not the core eth devs? I’m willing to talk about this very open and transparent I can show some pics of the contracts im holding. I can prove who I am, I can give conseunsus and everything is on the blockchain. I’m just pretty tired of being ignored. These four pictures are from myetherwallet(I had the beta version also back in the days, it was my first wallet). I also have contracts in mycrypto wallet. What should I do?

Hi Philip,

Maybe if you can clarify some things it will improve your chances of getting help.

“I have basiclly just hold these contracts and never interacted with them” – what does this mean exactly? Have you deployed smart contracts on mainnet? Can you share an example of one of their addresses? …Or do you simply mean you own certain coins and NFTs?