Help regarding formal notation in ethereum yellow paper

I am a self taught programmer. I don’t have background in maths. I have some intuition of formal systems. Can anyone share resources that can help me understand the formal definition of ethereum, given in the yellow paper? Anything related to formal systems/notation or even things specific to ethereum. I am not asking for 1on1 help just need some resources so I can understand it myself. I googled but didn’t found anything useful.

You can explore the official Ethereum website and search for resources there. Additionally, you might find free courses on platforms like YouTube that are well-suited for beginners. These courses can help you expand your understanding.

I understand ethereum and blockchains at a technical level, but needed help to understand the formal notation in ethereum paper.

While I can’t really offer any help deciphering the Yellow Paper itself, I can link the Ethereum Execution Layer Specification. It’s a Python reference implementation of Ethereum, which should be significantly easier to understand for those with a programming background.

This will help a lot, Thanks!