Geth, Cliff and Windows are not friends with each other

Hi all. I wrote about this problem on GitHub, Discord, StackExchange but no answer. Might help here.

OS: Windows 11

Setting interaction between Clef and Ceth via Named Pipes

In accordance with the instructions from Getting started with Geth | go-ethereum
enter commands sequentially:

  1. In cmd:
    clef --keystore geth-tutorial/keystore --configdir geth-tutorial/clef --chainid 11155111
  2. In a separate cmd:
    geth --sepolia --datadir geth-tutorial --authrpc.addr localhost --authrpc.port 8551 --authrpc.vhosts localhost --authrpc.jwtsecret geth-tutorial/jwtsecret --http --http.api eth,net --signer=geth-tutorial/clef/clef.ipc --http

Finally Geth reports:
Fatal: Failed to set account manager backends: error connecting to external signer: Invalid pipe address ‘geth-tutorial/clef/clef.ipc’.

What am I doing wrong?