Forming an Identity Ring

Human identity is a key requirement for quadratic voting/funding/etc and other political schemes to work within decentralized smart contract systems. There are both technical and philosophical obstacles to overcome.

This Ring is to begin discussions and coordinated experimentation for human identity systems.

For more information, please see the Ring Charter:

Recent discussions about this subject:


I’m keen to get involved with this ring.
Right now I’m helping to build Burn Signal (uses QV) and will be kicking of a permissionless CLR initiative at ETHDenver, both of which need proof that participants are unique individuals.

Right now, we are leaning on BrightID as our proof of uniqueness for these two projects.


Here is the list of projects and papers that we gathered at Upala over almost a year of work. It is a bit messy, but helpful.

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Here is a comprehensive overview of proof of personhood protocols, by Divya Siddarth, Sergey Ivliev, Santiago Siri, and Paula Berman.

Who Watches the Watchmen? A Review of Subjective Approaches for Sybil-resistance in Proof of Personhood Protocols [PDF]

In this article, we will outline the approaches of these new and natively digital sources of authentication - their attributes, methodologies strengths, and weaknesses - and sketch out possible directions for future developments

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Yep, helped in writing. Upala is there too. Very cool paper check it out everyone! And check out our new and shiny docs.