Forming a Ring: Preserving Integrity

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title: Ethereum Community CoC
author: TBD
discussions-to: Process for Ring Formation
status: Draft
type: Meta
created: 2018-07-16

Simple Summary

After the discussions at the Paris Gathering 2019, several community members expressed concerns on the need of a Code of Conduct, prevention protocols, and more in case of events that might damage the integrity (physical and mental) of a community member.


This ring intends to create several structures for the community members to preserve their integrity and others. We choose the word “integrity” because we believe that either physical or mental, this is the most essential thing to preserve in a person. This is, by all means, a more “humanistic” EIP. Ethereum has been scaling and the community growing, and a CoC will help teams to be better equipped when needing to react to adverse situations.

Rings will exist in two types:

  • Fields : Created to gather expertise and interested parties around a specific unifying Topic and designed to be non-expiring. (E.g. Cyberbullying, Doxxing)
  • Working Groups : Created to address a specific problem or to produce one or more specific deliverables (Code of Conduct, Protocol for Victim Protection) and is ephemeral by design. (I.e. will dissolve upon completion of its goals and achievement of its objectives.)

It is expected that membership intermingles among Fields and that from Fields Working groups be formed and reformed as needed.

These Rings can also be called upon to scale the Core Devs process, as it is understood that the necessary experts and interested parties have been gathered together and done work before approaching the Last Call process. Additionally, over time, high-quality Rings can be called upon for comment or expertise, rather than all Core Devs needing to be experts in all topical areas.


See above.

Magician’s Forum URL

Central location where most of the work of a Ring will be conducted.

Membership Configuration Rules

Open membership

Ring Description

Establishing a code of conduct viable for adoptions within teams in decentralized ecosystems.
Building a network of teams able to connect to prevent limit situations that might affect a person’s integrity.
Building prevention protocols to educate more people coming into the space, and those already present.
Coordinating actions when the CoC is breached, especially if the most serious breaches occur.

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