Forming a Ring: Education

Hi folks,

Long overdue, we’ve forming the Education Ring to discuss knowledge management and education initiatives for to support and grow the ecosystem.

Checkout the proposed charter on Github and add your name to the list if interested:

Also, if you are interested in joining the Council of Prague meetup for the Education Ring, please add your name to the list:

As a reference, here are some of the topics previously discussed for the Education at the Council of Berlin:


I don’t know what happens to the second link (joining the Council of Prague meetup for the Education Ring) but it takes you to this and I think it should link to this
thanks for all!
By the way, I would be interested in being part of this ring :sweat_smile:

Looks like the link is fixed. Thanks for noting! And thanks for joining the ring. More details on the kickoff will come!

I’m really excited to see this Ring take off @aogunwole! The Purpose statement is great.

This is a really important component to maintaining our community; whether we are new to Ethereum or a long-time participant, we each have a lot to learn.


Sign me up! I am involved in EthSecurity and just about to start the Guidelines Working Group. We have a baseline at but the SecurEth name will probably morph to EthSecurity. I also started a website called that was my cut on “onboarding”. Alas I cannot make it to Prague.


The idea is feasible and have a chance to be economically self sustainable.

My question is:
How Education Ring is related to education/documentation efforts of particular projects? Looks like there are intersections but the separation of concerns is unclear here.

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Welcome @RexShinka! Looking forward to having you on board and helping with our overall goals!

@Ethernian - There will definitely be an overlap and integration with Education of specific projects. The goal is to help the entire community better access education resources as a whole. If it is necessary to create new resources, we will come up with ideas where and how these can be built. However, if there are already great resources available, we would love to highlight content that is already available and help direct more people to these resources. I can envision creating a repository that helps navigate traffic e.g. if you are looking for insights and best practices for creating user wallets, we help navigate the community to educational documents for existing wallet projects that have resources available.

I think the intersections can be really powerful but they also need a better way of organizing and directing the community to what is available.

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For those interested in the Education Ring, as prep for the Council of Prague, I’m hoping to gather feedback prior to the session on key questions/ideas/insights that everyone would like to address to help build sustainable education in the space. As a recap, here are the three main issues that were captured in the ring formation statement:

  1. There currently isn’t a good knowledge repository that provides a holistic perspective on Ethereum development (EF website is OK, but few people use this a resource to understand what Ethereum is and how to actually develop on it). How can we help define what is needed for this repository and build it?
  2. How do we make onboarding into the Ethereum community fun & friendly?
  3. How do we best manage these knowledge repositories moving forward – how to fund those initiatives and make them open to contributing?

Based on the discussion from the Council of Berlin, I think #1 and #2 will be great topics to delve deeper into for Council of Prague.

What other questions or ideas would you like to tackle under the umbrella of Education? This is a very free form call out but really just want some raw ideas to start with that we can then add on to.

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Just found this
i think its super useful @aogunwole


Good find @mariapaulafn! I’ll add to the Github for links we should definitely keep.

Also, Wizard Amigos is giving away 1 month free on their platform to learn how to create smart contracts. Details here:

Really interested in how we can start 1) coherently collecting all of these great links into a repository and 2) start spreading the word on all of these great resources

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Yes im starting with Nina, however slow!
We can start in the magi repo and ask for community, but these guys are onto something too, so maybe it makes sense to tag along.

For #2 point, in the meetup of Ethereum Seville, lately we try to do more workshops and less talks, the talks are good (and necessary too), but we have seen that doing workshops, people who come from 0 without any knowledge is easier to understand how Ethereum work if they use them themselves.
We have created a space where people can come and learn together (it’s completely free), not just the days we do meetups. This is how you have a good time and we make people come to have a good time.

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Another way I’ve been thinking lately is to focus on projects that are working and solve problems or help developers outside the blockchain.
for example; for content creators we have Brave, which allows them to receive funds if their content is good. For those who create audiovisual content we can teach them how to use Golem, which will reduce their work time editing videos. To the developers we teach Gitcoin…
There are many interesting projects.
I think that if we focus on teaching how it works by giving it tools that are working we can keep those who enter speculation away and focus on technology and how it can solve problems or help them in their work.
In the following months, what I want to do is to do the same, base the meetups on projects that are working and teach how to use them, how do you see it?


I absolutely agree @wimel about using tools based on Ethereum to “teach” people, whether for onboarding or for allowing people to create on new platforms.

I’d love to get more ideas on what are the best ways to a) identify good projects/tools to promote and b) channels to best promote them (meetups, forums, a directory, a newsletter, etc.). It will be a combination of many approaches and will take on different forums for different communities. But always good to keep communication high and broad for as many people as possible.

Hey guys, wish I could make it to Prague. Related topic. The Quebec government (I am from Montreal) will open funding for new adult education course for blockchain. My wife will co-ordinate. Is there any standard for basic courses, both top level and coding. It would be good if we started something that was consistent with other global courses.

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Hey @RexShinka, I’ve been working with George Brown College in Toronto to build the curriculum for the first blockchain development course in the country.

I would be than happy to chat more about it if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Great, contact me at

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My small contribution in education has been Working on my next article on giveth.


I’m working on an educational resource project and I’m wondering if anyone thinks this might be compatible with what you guys are doing or …

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