Forming a ring: AI on Ethereum

This is a ring for people interested to extend EVM with AI capabilities and on dapps that use AI/Machine Learning

At Skale project, where I am the CTO, we are working on an EIP to add Tensorflow/Keras pre-trained models to ETH smart contracts.

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Not really interested in joining the ring - but really interested in the gas-consumption of these contracts. Also can I find a draft of the EIP somewhere?

Gas consumption for the predict part is comparable to complex crypto algorithms already implemented as pre-compiled contracts. Neural networks are hard to train but not so hard to use once trained.

We will post the EIP soon - I will include a link here.

I would be very interested in working on this. Any work being done outside of the neural network context? i.e. semantic knowledge graphs

I’d be interested in helping with this. I’ve done a lot of open source deep learning work ( and mostly work on smart contract and protocol work these days

This is particularly intriguing. I would love to contribute.

Hi, you guys might find interesting, this trains models in a distributed way with encrypted data so no one can look into the data.
This would fill up the demand for training a model while still keeping it decentralized in a way.

Is this still active? If yes, how can I contribute?