FlyClient: Super-Light Clients for Cryptocurrencies

@egalano just mentioned this in his talk at ethcc.

this sounds quite good:

we should really build a matrix comparing:

  • Minimal verification client (INCUBED)
  • Super-Light Clients (FlyClient)
  • Light clients (geth/parity)
  • Ultra light client

will try to read the paper over the weekend. Just sharing it now to spare people wasted time searching for it.


This is great, thanks for sharing! I’ll take some time to read this paper. +1 on a comparison matrix.


+1 on a matrix, that would be really great. We’re working on a paper as well - anyone here who would like to review? - and it would be great to see what’s already there and which use cases are being addressed / can be covered using what methods.

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