FEM Prague appetizer on offer at W3S

Hey Magi! I am sure many of you seen the recent Web3 Summit ticket endowment announcement from the Web3 Foundation. Regardless, I wanted to drop it here and invite you all to join us in Berlin the week before FEM Prague!

There aren’t any formal FEM events going down, but I know a lot of you will be in town and thought it would be nice to warm up with some governance presentations from Vlad and one or two calm debates on the pros and cons of off-chain versus on-chain gov.

I have been given a few partially and fully reduced tickets specifically for Ethereum governance nerds like us! Just note it in the application form and I will get a notification.

Also, if you bought a ticket and would like your price reduced as part of the endowment, you can fill out the second form in the post to get that process started.

See you in a week! PM me with questions!