FEM Council sessions of Berlin 2019 (Main Source of Everything)

Hello all!

This is a sum-up post; we will try to keep it as the Main Source of Everything related to FEM Council that will happen around Berlin Blockchain Week .

We will have two 3hr+ gatherings in Berlin during Blockchain week, and a lot of Ring Meetings!

FEM Main Council

Main Council will be more general and we are expecting that more people will attend this Council

When: August 19th
Time: 2pm till 5pm (with break)
Where: Berlin Institute of Technology

To attend Main Council:

Main Council Agenda

  • :woman_mage: State of the Magicians
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Business Models
  • :woman_teacher: Education & Future of Work
  • :nerd_face: Decentralising Data Access –> move to Tuesday @ Web3 Summit
  • :pick: ProgPOW –> move to a community call?

Please add resources to this full list of proposed topics:
Proposed Topics Overview - Berlin 2019 - Main Council - HackMD

FEM “More Magicians”

“More Magicians” will be more focused on Ethereum governance-related topics and topics affecting the wider ecosystem (beyond the Ethereum protocol).

When: August 20th
Time: 11am - 3pm
Where: Funkhaus in the “Hackerspace” room

To attend “More Magicians”:

"More Magicians" Agenda

  • :woman_judge: EIP-1559 - Fee market changes
  • :chains:Interoperability Standards (across chain standards)
  • :globe_with_meridians: Signaling
  • :moneybag: Funding of infrastructure projects in a distributed ecosystem
  • :nerd_face: Decentralising Data Access
  • :woman_scientist: Alternateth –> delay to a later time?

Self-Organized Rings

You may have EIPs which you are working on, or more general topics to discuss within your Ring. We will help you organize a gathering during Blockchain Week!

You can easily register what you would like to do on the registration form.

All Links related to FEM Council Berlin 2019 sessions

Website & information sources:

Official Ethreum Magicians FEM Council Website

Council of Berlin 2019 Resources

Vision of the Council session (Medium article)

Council session on MetaCartel Demo Day (Medium article)

Council Topics & Individual ring meetings — Berlin 2019 (Google spreadsheet)

Magicians room schedule for Metacartel Demo Day 2019 (Google spreadsheet)

Tickets and registration:

Registration form for Councils (for both Councils)

MetaCartel Demo Day tickets

Web3 Summit tickets

Links for Ring meeting leaders:

Individual Ring Meeting notes (template) (HackMD)

FEM Ring toolkit (HackMD)

Communication channels

FEM Telegram Channel (Telegram)

ETH Magicians Council Organisers chat (Telegram)

I will keep updating this forum post.



Every ring meeting and Council that will happen next week is in this spreadsheet Schedule + Space availability for meetings - Berlin 2019 (Google spreadsheet)

Main Council is happening now in Atrium of TU in Berlin :sparkles::sparkles: watch livestram youtu.be/FBdczc_SY4g