F-star name for Consensus Layer upgrade after Electra

An F-star name is needed for the Consensus Layer upgrade after Electra.
Assumes a cross layer upgrade combined with :elephant: Osaka having Verkle as the main feature.

The consensus layer uses star names for upgrades whilst the execution layer uses Devcon cities.

See: Post-Merge Network Upgrade Naming Schemes

Recent upgrade names:

  • :owl: Shapella (Shanghai + Capella)
  • :blowfish: Dencun (Cancun + Deneb)
  • :european_castle: Pectra (Prague + Electra)

@protolambda has already suggested Fosa (Felis :cat2: + Osaka)

@hwwang advised that Fulu & Felis received support in the ACDC zoom chat (yet another reason why ACD chats need to be exported) and offered ChatGPT-generated proposals

Assuming a cross layer upgrade, any F-star name will be combined with the execution layer name Osaka in a portmanteau (Portmanteau generator), so any name choice should also consider this.

Fulu Osaka
fusaka, fosaka, fuka, faka, fulusaka, fulosaka, fuluka, fulaka, fula, fulka, fsaka, fka, fulsaka, fuaka, fua, fuluaka, fulua, fuosaka
Osaka Fulu
olu, osalu, osulu, osu, osakalu, osakulu, osaku, oslu, osaklu, osfulu, osakfulu, osau, osakau, oulu, osaulu, ofulu, osafulu

Felis Osaka
fesaka, fosaka, feka, faka, felisaka, felosaka, felika, felaka, fela, felka, fsaka, fka, feliska, felsaka, felissaka, feaka, fea, feliaka, felia, feosaka, felisa
Osaka Felis
olis, osalis, oselis, osas, osis, osakalis, osakelis, osakas, osakis, oslis, oss, osaklis, osfelis, osaks, osakfelis, ois, osais, osakais, oelis, osaelis, ofelis, osafelis

(Apologies if I am stepping on the process for selecting star upgrade names as Iā€™m not a core dev)

F Star names

From: List of proper names of stars - Wikipedia


Poll is for signaling purposes only.

Preferred star name
  • Fafnir
  • Fang
  • Fawaris
  • Felis
  • Felixvarela
  • Filetdor
  • Flegetonte
  • Fomalhaut
  • Formosa
  • Franz
  • Fulu
  • Fumalsamakah
  • Funi
  • Furud
  • Fuyue
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voted for Fulu.
as for the star name, since you mentioned it, Fusaka has a nice resonance.
edit: or Fosaka, considering Fusaka is a branded font type.

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