EVM evolution Working Group Formation


Some relevant discussion has been happening here.
There is also recent presentation by @expede: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qck2KBqT14o at Eth1x gathering in Berlin.

This post is to formally acknowledge the de-facto existence of the EVM evolution Working Group, led by @expede. The Working Group will be performing necessary steps (research, proof of concept implementation, generation of conformance tests, etc.) to enable further improvement in the EVM. Once the group is formed and funded (at least short term), we should expect to hear more of what their current plan is, given other simultaneous developments in Ethereum 1x (State Rent, semi-stateless clients, eWASM), and given their time/money constraints.


Thanks Alexey.

Brooke’s EVM Evolution presentation from Core Devs is on YouTube here:

Slides are here:

And we’ve got more on plans and progress on our site here: https://fission.codes/evm-evolution/

Leave a comment if you’d like to get involved with the working group!

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