EVM Evolution Project Outline & Dinner




Following on from EVM Evolution Notes (Council of Prague), a few of us have been working on an plan for a first phase of EVM Evolution. This is really about getting EIP 615 (static jumps) and EIP 616 (SIMD) formalized, implemented, tested, and integrated into the various main net EVMs.

We’d love to get broad feedback, hear from any interested parties, and EVM maintainers. Feel free to comment in the thread here, or directly on the doc.

Devcon 4 Dinner

We’d also like to get some folks together in Prague while so many people are in town. This is a fully open invite, and we’ll post more information in this thread as details get firmed up. It will be the evening of Nov 1 or 2, after conference sessions. Opinions on which day are welcome in the thread below :smile::green_salad:


Also we have a curated EVM Evolution mailing list we’re just kicking off.

See https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!forum/evm-evolution to sign up — you’ll need a Google account OR let us know your email address and I’ll add you.


There’s been quite a lot of conversation the past few days among various core folks, both at the eth 2.0 workshop and at DevCon, about a more aggressive roadmap for eth 1.0 and EVM. There seems to be quite a bit of appetite and support for the idea. I’ll write up a summary of these ideas from my perspective as soon as I get a chance.


We have consensus for November 1st.

@lrettig is hosting an EWASM breakout 2-4pm in Radiant Orchid.

We’ll meet there at 4pm (and encourage people to come to EWASM breakout), can use the room, and will then migrate to a restaurant somewhere offsite.

Spread the word!


Note that we have an EVM Panel right after the ewasm breakout.


@axic perfect - that’s where we’ll meet and AFTER that panel we’ll continue.