ETHProduct - aims of the ring / guild

After some discovery and exploration of the state of web3 product management, we have begun to realise the need for certain research and community development epics to be carried out. Essentially, somehow scaling out the collaborative efforts of the ring…

First thing is to begin shaping the vision, goals and aims of this working group / association. This is simply a brain dump and just some notes, and is in no way finalised ~ just something to get the ball rolling.

What is ETHProduct?
A product management guild / working group

Make web3 software development excellent

Roles in the web3 community (not activities)

  • Progressing, improving and researching web3 product management best practices
  • Educating folks on the dynamics of web3 PMship

Activities (

  • Community calls and topic discussions
  • Research projects and collaborations
  • Creation of educational resources
  • Guidance of PMship for open source web3 projects
  • Office hours
  • Collecting resources

Fantastic work, @pet3rpan! This is going to be really helpful for projects, even small ones e.g. creating that “working code” for EIPs and ERCs.

Overall it makes for a great template for community groups as they self-organize.

And I like the term “Guild”! I can see guilds forming around the different roles in the community, enabling best practices to be discovered and shared.

Created a trello for current activites

Hello @pet3rpan I’d like to get involved in this guild. How can I help?

Hey~ just shoot me a PM on telegram @pet3rpan