Ethereum Roadmap on the Ethereum Wiki

I couldn’t find an #ethereum-roadmap anywhere, so I put up a new Roadmap page on the Ethereum wiki:

I also noticed, and left comments, that the EIP 1052 and EIP 1014 are both still in Draft state – they should go through Last Call / Accepted if they are going to go into a hard fork.

Lastly, anyone know rough dates for Constantinople other than Q1 2019? @5chdn?


This is awesome… Thanks Boris :slight_smile:

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January 16th, 2019, 12:00pm UTC

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Added “Istanbul.” (20 characters)

@5chdn I had heard about a potential June / July 2019 hardfork (aka the first 6 month fork), and then 3 months.

Where did Istanbul timing come from? EDIT: saw your proposal. Will respond there.

I created a page for Istanbul on the wiki:

@5chdn it looks like 1052 and 1014 that are going into Constantinople never went through Last Call / Accepted. Clearly they are going in and are implemented, I’m just trying to see if they should get updated. Should I do a PR to show they are Accepted?