Ethereum Magicians in Paris [EthCC 2020]

Hi Magicians :sparkles:

Operations Ring of Ethereum Magicians is organising another in-person meeting.

We will have our sessions on the second day of the EthCC conference - March 4th in the afternoon from 1:25pm to 5:25pm
To attend our sessions you need a ticket to EthCC conference as our sessions will be apart of the Developer Tools track.

Our Talks & Schedule

Edit: @gcolvin will not attend the conference due to health issues although we will do our best so he can join us remotely

It will be Ethereum Magicians Birthday so there will be a special sweet surprise for those who will come over and join our Council :cupcake: !

I published Medium article about Ethereum Magicians in Paris Magicians are coming to Paris :fr: check it out for more detailed descriptions of the sessions.

We will host satellite event on Friday March 5th at 6:30pm

Introducing DeFi and unpacking its potential RSVP
Join us and let’s explore the DeFi rabbit hole together :slight_smile:

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Hello to all my Magical friends. Not to worry, I am not ill. But I will turn 66 next week, and am already prone to bronchitis when I travel. So covid-19 could kill me, and staying home seems the wiser course. I hope to see you all by video link.