Ethereum Magicians at DevCon4 in Prag

I am very appreciate to see here a lot of self-organizing work done.

What do you think about presentation of our work and FEM structures at devcon4?
I would say, WorkGroups and Rings, could be most important topic for the presentation and will help people to organize themselves.

I would predit, self-organizing, self-understanding and self-governance of ethereum community will be the hottest topic of the devcon4. Therefore it will be quite important to present FEM there.

DEADLINE for Call for Participation at devcon4 will be 11:59pm PDT on August 19

@boris, @ligi would you possibly support the idea?

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Love the idea! want to have anyway one session in the context of the wallet ring focused on wallet interoperability for sure. And we also need this at DevCon4 as perhaps some wallet developers will just come at day 1 and leave at the last day and we do not get them on board in the FEM Prague council before. And this is really needed - just see: imToken 2.0 ethereum: URL-WTF

Would be great if @boris could submit and do the meta talk you have in mind (introduction of FEM, structure, howto events, … ) This can also perhaps get him his ticket as last time I talked to him this was not yet sorted out.

It’s looking like the “security ring” aka ETHSecurity will be the focus of a larger, multiple-day track at DevCon. We’re not really sure what that means yet, but there is definitely a lot that can be gone over relating to security more generally.

With the Magicians though, would love to do some more focused events in colloboration dedicated to organization and governance of security initiatives. Topics (that I am making up in my head now) might include: “How does the WHG scale?”, “How are vulnerabilities reported?”, “How are guidelines and best practices maintained/updated?”

I answered you re: imToken 2.0 ethereum: URL-WTF :blush:

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@ligi, @fubuloubu,
Thank you for your prompt answer!

To be honest, I see devcon4 as a chance to propose better structure for ethereum community and I see FEM rings/workgroups as a good way to go. I would give an overview of the FEM structure and interoperability between workgroups and rings and I hope it will help whole ethereum community to find own structure.

Why I see the bird’s-eye perspective so important? It is easy to find a particular workgroup or problem and see what is going on, but it is much more complex to re-construct the whole picture from many different parts (and we have a lot of particular topics to discuss!).

Getting the whole picture is what devcon4 is great for.
I would mention another aspect: we are talking a lot, that we don’t like hierarchies and would go another way. But what are those workprocesses we follow? How the “etherium-ish” or better “eth-ish” community should work in praxis? It is time to present “Book of eth-ish work processes”.

After we have presented the whole picture of the Ethereum Community (FEM edition), we could go in depth in any direction: Security or Wallets or other particular EIP.

Would you agree?

A couple of things. Council of Prague is in planning

On the main Meetings page, side events are listed too. I know Zippie @stskeeps was doing some wallet stuff and there is the Status hackathon.

There is going to be community space available on Day 0 of Devcon. I hope to hear more about this soon. Regardless — we need 2 days to hold the EthMagicians gathering. Call for volunteers and ideally host organization next week!

Doing an actually EthMagicians community breakout session is a good idea. One on the self-organizing and the Rings, perhaps another on how to get regional events going.

Having Rings at an event where not everyone can attend is problematic and goes against “all are welcome”. So perhaps this will be more recruiting or summary rather than work oriented.

I am currently at the point where “free ticket” doesn’t make sense. I object to the structure of any tickets costing 1000EU for a community event. Never mind my time and other professional conferences paying travel expenses. So, I would rather put my volunteer energy into helping with EthMagicians and similar community events. And hopefully help improve the event for next year, and in general try and get the EF to be more transparent.

I had a terrible idea for structuring of the communities here: More Discourse? The idea was create a MtG diagram of different groups, and try to use coloring to both organize and differentiate ourselves. Mostly, the color wheel is very pleasing to me. It helps organize in my head what different things are about, and how they inter-operate.

I agree we need some better organization moving forward; not to create hierarchy, but to organize ourselves and our efforts so people who want to join don’t get lost among the fray.

Agree. But it our work inside the FEM.
After the work done, we should try to promote it to the whole ethereum community and devcon4 is one of good oportunities for that (at least most obvious).

A lot of interesting infos, thanx!

As already mentioned, I would like to reach devcon4 participants, who are NOT already in FEM.
Breakout session is a great thing for somebody who is already in. The same is about Day 0.
Is there any possibility to promote an FEM gathering to devcon4 participants in advance?

I agree it is suboptimal, but developers/active members can get tickets cheaper. So there will be many devs.
IMHO, Devcon4 is still a place for community-wide annoncements.

Do you mean that there is no sense to be present on devcon4 because of their price policy?

Will there be a Ethereum magicians gathering around Devcon?

I think that’s the point! If you’d like to volunteer to help with organizing the Council of Prague, go for it. Ideally a call for volunteers / kick off call next week.

I did a tweet storm about this. It is my personal opinion and I don’t want to get into it. Community events don’t have to cost this much.

Yes. The Council of Prague. See

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