Ethereum Magicians 2.0 Updates & Roadmap

Hi Magicians :wave:

There’s a list of improvements & upgrades that I have been working on with help from @jpitts :sparkles:

After Devcon5 that just happened in Osaka :jp:where we hosted very important and successful Ethereum Roadmap 2020 discussions - you can read a recap there (Medium article). We would like to do some changes that will help AllCoreDevs and Ethereum Community - FEM (Magicians).

:sparkles:We already updated New Member Guide - renamed it into “New Member Guide 2.0” - you can find it in Scrolls - it’s a guide for new members who will join us (Ethereum Magicians), explaining basic terms that we are using on this forum.

:sparkles:We will update “Welcome” Please README first!" pinned post to this forum with more updated info.

:sparkles:We will work more closely with Ethereum Cat Herders and publish more articles regarding to ETH1.x and other important topics that are missing. More to that soon but we will publish an article explaining the roles of Ethereum Magicians and Ethereum Cat Herders very soon.

:sparkles:We started to work on creating a new landing page for Ethereum Magicians where we will publish a history of Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians, FAQs, and more.

:sparkles:We will start fundraising for Operations, coordination, and event organizing soon and for upgrading EIP process but more to this later.

:sparkles:We are planning to have Ethereum Magicians sessions at EthCC in Paris but we will start to coordinate that later (December or early January)

Just wanted to update you guys :v:


@anett is “we” you and @jpitts? This is nit-picky but people shouldn’t be using “we” and EthMagicians. Just say “I” :wink:

Also — do you want help? What’s the next step? How do people get involved?

Re: ETHCC. I would suggest just integrating directly into ETHCC and curating a track / room.

There is the matter of tickets which is the sticking point, but from my experience last year that conference in particular is already greatly transparent and community oriented.

But not my show, just some feedback.

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By “we” I mean me with help from @jpitts by most of the work & updates are by me.

I wanted to share that we are working on improving Ethereum Magicians, and roadmap of what we (mostly I) will work on through next weeks. I think that we (or I) don’t need help (yet). I will definitely post & ask for help when it’s needed. Next steps is just working on stuff :slight_smile:

Regarding to EthCC - so far we (Magicians) will have a room for approx 150 people for first day of the conference (from around 9:30am till 5 or 6pm) and we (me and Jamie) were thinking of having something similar to the sessions that we had during Devcon5. But I will create a dedicated post on a forum later as we still have so much time for coordinating that and figuring out the agenda & other stuff around it.
No we have other things to work on, EthCC is not a priority now.

I shared this post to a forum just to inform the community that we are working on improving the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing it the New Member Guide there - could it be somewhere else?

@wschwab and @anett I just fixed the link to the New Member Guide in Anett’s post above!

(all the blame eventually goes to GitHub Wiki’s bug/feature in which the URL quietly changes when the title changes).


Any reason not to move Wiki content here?

We’ve never gotten adoption of GitHub Issues so maybe just do it all here?

I’m happy to help copy / paste. Maybe into a new Resources category.

The reason why it’s on GitHub now is because we wanted to publish it somewhere before posting it on a landing page :slight_smile: