Ethereum Governance Survey Results

In case you missed it, check out the results of the Ethereum Governance Survey. A lot of interesting insights were derived from the 282 respondents. Thanks to all who participated! :tada:

A few fun facts:

94% identify as a member of the Ethereum community
70% are token holders
45% work at organizations building on Ethereum
39% were not “in Ethereum” when The DAO hack occurred
51% hold more than 100 ETH
89% have used Ethereum-based dapps

84% support PoS for Ethereum
57% have attended Ethereum meetups
41% have attended Devcon
73% use CT to learn about Ethereum
66% use Reddit to learn about Ethereum
61% use Week in Ethereum to learn more
36% believe CT best captures the ecosystem sentiment

Hope the results are useful for future decision making processes in the Ethereum community!


Interesting digits, next time I would like to see number of people who mostly use decentralized technologies in their daily life. Who completely declined using centralized technologies, etc. And which technologies in the current stack they wish to be decentralized at the first place.

And one question. What is CT?

P.S. And thanks for Week in Ethereum.

CT means Crypto Twitter :slight_smile:

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Someone is too lazy to open links :grin:

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